A Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunt

Interesting architectural and artistic details and features to look for when touring Walt Disney World. Updated 5/6/10.

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For adults and teens. This is not the official Disney scavenger hunt.

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Magic Kingdom (MK) Secrets

Out Front

As Magic Kingdom opens for the day, the WDW train is perfectly centered in front of the train station for those wishing to take pictures. It is the only time during the day that this occurs. Because the trees have grown, the photo op. is not all that great.

A bit more dull, but the Seven Seas Lagoon exists because: In Florida, everything is pretty much sea level (and the water table is just a few feet below the ground surface). They needed to pile a lot of earth up onto the area of the park, to make it easier to lay the network of tunnels (Utilidors, TM) that run under the park. (Ground level of the park is the "second story" level.) This earth was removed from an area in front of the MK site, which later became the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Goofy goes waterskiing on Seven Seas Lagoon, don't recall what time, told it was early morning.

When riding the Monorail or walking between Magic Kingdom and Contemporary Resort, notice an employee roadway that heads towards the Space Mountain area. There is a guard house on that roadway. Rather than having standard drop down gates to stop traffic, there are steel plates that form that part of the road by the guard house. They are striped yellow and black. After a car is authorized and passes through, the steel plates rise up from the ground to form a barrier for traffic. [I] thought it was pretty neat. [I]'ve only seen something like that in the movies.

Entrance and Main St.

The entrance to the Magic Kingdom park is like a theatre. The ticket area is like a lobby, you go through tunnels lined with "coming attraction" type posters. The train station is the curtain and then you go through it and you're in the show.

In the Main St. train station lower level, up on one of the shelves (Cast members (CM's) can halp you locate it) you can see Aladdin's lamp, Winnie the Pooh's "hunny" pot, Captain Hook's hook, and other characters' belongings waiting to be picked up. Some park guest lost and found items are there too. Also look for the artificial leg with the name Smith on it (a Mary Poppins joke).

The telegraph you hear at the train station? It's tapping out Walt Disney's speech at Disneyland's 1954 opening in Morse Code.

On the upper level of the train station are some coin operated but hand cranked flip-card movie machines, trademarked Mutoscope. (May have been moved to the Boardwalk resort.)  Also drop a quarter in to get a rousing musical performance from a nickelodeon piano. There has been a machine with a miniature soccer game, also.

At the Main St. Fire House next to City Hall is a display of firefighter patches, donated by firefighters from across the U.S.

See the Lady and the Tramp pawprints in front Tony´s Town Square Restaurant at the front of Main St.. At the back of the restaurant dining room, there is a beautiful 3-paned dark blue window, through which you can see the shadowy silhouettes of Lady and the Tramp sharing their late-night meal of spaghetti.

Right by the entrance, on Main St., there is a Goofy statue sitting on a bench. When you sit by him he talks.

Main Street is designed, through forced perspective, to look as if it's much longer than it is when you're heading towards the castle. In the mornings, you are all excited and have the energy to walk. When you're walking away from the castle towards the exit, it looks shorter. (I don't yet agree it looks shorter.) That's good for the way out when you're all tired. Also, since most people walk on the right side of the street, all the food shops are on the right as you enter for those wanting breakfast, while the gift shops are on your right on the way out! Also Main St. slopes slightly up as you head towards the castle; the uphill walk is not as tiring early in the day while the downhill walk towards the exit makes the end of the day seem easier. Getting back to the theme of "being in the movies" the names on the windows up above are to suggest movie credits, and are the names of persons responsible for building the park. Some names are of dummy corporations (e.g. M.T. Lott) formed to purchase the land for WDW back in the 1960's while keeping it all a secret. Walt Disney? His name is above the ice cream shop "since his brother Roy gave him the best office, that faces the castle". The upper floor offices and rooms themselves are "nothing special".

Although the Main St. Cinema is gone, old Disney cartoons are still shown, in a small theater, with seats, around the back inside Exposition Hall. (Will be closed temporarily in mid 2010) Also in Expo' Hall ,Disney princesses including Snow White and Aurora are sometimes there to sign autographs. At opening time, some of the characters who greeted you from the train as you entered may be there.

If you turn down the first side street to your right off Main Street on a more quiet day and look up at the windows that have signs that say something like "music lessons", you'll hear from time to time a voice practicing scales and/or someone tap dancing. You can't always hear it - it has to be pretty quiet. Listen for several minutes, there are several events. (Not working 5/05?)

Are the only hitching posts without horse heads on them on Main St.?

Trivia: How are presidents Garfield and Lincoln represented on Main Street? Answer: On the Main street  sidewalk (moved to Frontierland near Country Bear Jamboree?) there is a wooden man statue. On it is a medallion and that is where they are represented.

On Main Street, check out the old style phone in the General Store. (on the right side of the street as you're headed in) Pick up the reciever and listen in to a conversation going on. Also one in Tomorrowland under the TTA (Tomorrowland Transit Authority) station and Astro Orbiter.

At the Main St. barber shop you can have glitter put in your hair. Many parents bring a child for his (often ceremonial, not actual) first haircut and you can get a certificate with a lock of the child's hair attached. . [ed. note: Caution, we don't recommend a haircut when a child is fussy.] The chalkboard listing names of waiting patrons had the names of recent hurricanes.

One contributor reported seeing a panel with different kinds of light bulbs being tested, behind one of the buildings on Main St. Not sure which building. One problem with the energy efficient so called LED lights is that light shines only in one direction. So if you were walking past a sign using them, the entire sign would seem to brighten up as you got directly in front of it and dim down again as you moved away. Also for you techology minded folks, find sensors in the street used to monitor the parade floats.

They give out picture cards (trading cards) of the various transportation vehicles including the monorail trains. Ask the CM's working outside on Main St. although not all of them have the cards.

From the WDW Railroad train, as you approach Frontierland, the "riverboat in a cave" is part of Splash Mountain. More "lost" items are on a shelf in the Frontierland train station waiting room.

If you take the train first thing as the park opens, you will get to Frontierland ahead of most of the folks walking there, but those who were first in line at the rope and who walk fast will beat you.

If you listen carefully, you may hear the train play the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" song. Frontierland and Toontown Fair. Also the riverboat at Tom Sawyer's Island may play that song.


Notice the sounds as you walk from land to land in MK -- especially around the front of the castle. As you move from 'land to 'land, there are barely noticable background noises that will change -- it's actual hidden speakers setting the mood. Also note the change in pavement textures.

Walt designed the park so when you pass from land to land, you don't readily see the others. For example if you were in Liberty Square, you can't see Fantasyland. Trees, buildings and items such as the water wheel distract your view.

Normally cast members stay near the area where they work, where their costumes match the scenery. But occasionally [we] have seen CM's from the Haunted Mansion, Liberty Square, and Frontierland all in the same area at the same time manning the parade route.

(Visiting the "lands" more or less clockwise)


Check out the Jungle Cruise fastpass machines. One is addressed to "Trader Sam's Cranial Curios, London, England", and one is addressed to Pamelia Perkins, President of the Adventurers' Club at the former Pleasure Island. Several of the items in the storage cage are also addressed to various characters at the Adventurers' Club.

While on queue at the Jungle Cruise, one hears assorted scratchy 1930s records played over the PA system with a somewhat witty DJ bantering and making corny announcements and reading "the jungle news" on Congo's KBGO. One of the songs he plays is "You're the Top", by Cole Porter, and part of the lyrics, which are very clearly audible and discernible go like this:

"You're the melody/from a symphony/by Strauss!/You're an O'Neill drama!/You're Whistler's mama!/You're Mickey Mouse!"

The tarantula in the cage in the waiting area will twitch every now and then and make you think it is real.

Just before boarding the boat, look for sign that says "Employee of the Month". It reads "E.L. O'Fevre" (Yellow Fever).

Each of the scenes in Jungle Cruise is taken from the True-Life Adventure Film Series that Walt Disney produced in the early 1960's.

Near the beginning of the Jungle Cruise, look very carefully at the tribal head carvings on the three canoes at Pygmy Beach. You may see vague resemblences of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.

One skipper reported that the natives sing "I Love Disco", but the skippers themselves are usually talking all the time so you don't notice.

The airplane tail is from a Lockheed purchased specifically for that scene. The front half is in the Great Movie Ride at Disney Hollywood Studios.

At the exit of the Jungle Cruise there is a large blackboard with lists of missing persons and boats. The names are like: Ben Eaton for people, and Run Aground Sue for boats

Above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride entrance find the parrot with a patch over one eye. If you are directed to the right inside to queue up for the ride, there is a window you can look in and down and see two skeletons playing chess. The board layout is supposed to show a stalemate (drawn game; going nowhere) but I couldn't see for sure in the dim light. Just before you board, on theat right-hand queue, is a cave where you can hear someone digging (treasure?). The left queuing area has different interesting sights but is usually closed during non-busy periods.

On Pirates, as you pass the auction scene, watch as the pirate on the left hand side fires his gun, the sign on the other side of the water "pings" and swings back and forth (removed @ 5/05?).

On the boat, just before it goes under one of the bridges, look for a bald pirate who was close to the water, on the left side. [I] think he was singing the Yo Ho song, but don't remember for sure. Just before the boat went under the bridge, he turned his head toward our boat and winked!

[I] just remembered this after [I] read on another board about seeing celebrities at WDW. On Pirates of the Caribbean, [I] think it is on the first bridge that you go under, sitting on the bridge is a man with one of his legs hanging over and another man standing next to him. The face of the man sitting is of Sid Caesar. One of the designers really loved Sid Caesar and made the face to look this way.

[I] heard from a friend that in Pirates of the Caribbean, Abraham Lincoln is depicted as a pirate. In the Hall of Presidents they replaced an old Abraham with a newer one. [I] can never seem to find him though.

Notice footprints of the peg legged pirate on the moving walkway.

You can see actual Pirates Of The Caribbean movie props in the pirate shop coming off the ride. They are located on the very top shelves or on the walls; they're very discreet. Ask a CM to tell you what scenes they are from and also point out the medallion and Davy Jones' key.

The Enchanted Tiki Room has a preshow just outside with animatronic birds. Linger after the end of the show and Iagos (one of the tiki birds) will hurl insults at the other birds and at you.

Look for buried jewels about Aladdin's Magic Carpets ride.

As you walk past Aladdin's ride towards the castle, beware of the spitting camel! I'm told that his head is controlled by a CM who is hiding nearby.

Outside the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse are crates with addresses to persons on them. Not absolutely sure but here goes:

One is to Johann David Wyss (author of the book Swiss Family Robinson) This crate is being sent to McGuire Blvd. (Dorothy McGuire was Mother Robinson ) and the other crate to John Mills who was Father Robinson. And one was sent to Bora Danno. Anyone know where Bora Danno is?

Neither did [we] until [we] figured out that James MacArthur played son Fritz Robinson. James MacArthur's later played as Jack Lord's - (Det. Steve McGarrett) second-in-command Det. Danny ("Danno") Williams, (1968-79) in Hawaii Five-0. The things you can learn if ya' just slow down and listen.

The Swiss flag in the Swiss Family Treehouse is the only flag of another nation that is on display permanently over a Disney attraction.

You get a nice nighttime view of Magic Kingdom from the top of Swiss Family Treehouse

Near the Dole Whip (try one, it has pineapple juice) ice cream stand sponsored by Dole Pineapple facing the Swiss Family treehouse, find a cannon. Someone said it is supposed to be pointed towards Hawaii, which relative to the the park would be roughly towards Pirates of the Caribbean. Some folks prefer the Citrus Swirl made with vanilla ice cream and orange juice.

Look at the top of Enchanted Tiki Room from Frontierland and notice bulls sticking out of tower. This is because the top of the Tiki Room sticks out above other buildings and can be seen from Frontierland. It is a way of making the building blend in better.

A one legged duck was once seen at the Adventureland entrance from center circle.

A live alligator has been sighted in the river in the vicinity of Adventureland too. It is at least said that he is relocated back to nature, perhaps to the Animal Kingdom, at least to appease frightened guests, but keeps coming back.


In line for Splash Mountain down below they have bird houses in the trees. [I] know that when they first opened the ride you could listen and hear birds "talking" and "arguing" in the bird houses. Actually the "birds" are supposed to be Chip and Dale, the two Disney chipmunks!

The line/queue corridor for Splash Mountain is filled with great touches. In one alcove you can see the shadow of Br'er Toad sitting in a rocking chair and you can hear him singing.

Has anyone seen the little critter in Splash Mountain, in the cave-like room just before (ascending to) the last drop - come upside down out of the ceiling? He seems to say "FSU" [I]'ve read that an imagineer who graduated from Florida State U. put it there. You have to really watch carefully, though, and usually people are too focused on the drop that's coming!

As you ascend  in the dark for the big drop in Splash Mountain, the archway rock formation at the very top just before coming out into the open suggests Mickey's nose in profile.

Also, notice the street lights when loading for Splash Mountain. One blinks when the boats are ready to go in motion.

Outside, when every third log boat comes down the big drop into the briar patch, an auxiliary water cannon shoots off a charge of water that soaks folks standing on the bridge to Big Thunder Mountain. (This has been shut off some of the time including during cold spells and drought spells.)

You can see some of the scenery of Splash Mountain from the train just before it pulls into the Frontierland station.

Try Splash Mountain at night, too. There are many lighted objects - basically [I] think it's a whole different ride at night

In queue area for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, look for a crate that says "Lytum & Hyde Explosives Company".

On Big Thunder Mountain, if you stare at the goat eating dynamite while riding down the spiral, I read somewhere that you will get this neat force feeling. (Don't try this if you tend to get motion sickness!)

As you exit Big Thunder (or you can walk around to the right from the front) there are rock formations with blowholes from which you can hear rumbling as if a geyser will spout forth. I have only seen an occasional feeble splash come from these blowholes.

At the Frontierland RR Station, look for a wooden leg named Smith. It is a reference to a joke in Mary Poppins: "I knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith. What's the name of his other leg?"

For Pecos Bill's there is some additional seating on the other side of the building past the rest rooms and down a narrow corridor.

Liberty Square

[I] met the imagineer who designed the Liberty Square Christmas Shop. He told us that if you look closely, it's actually three separate shops with the walls opened between them. They are supposed to be owned by three different colonial families- a German family, a woodcarver's family, and a musician's family. Check out the details the next time you go! Also find the hidden park in the back of the Christmas Shop

The 13 lanterns hanging in the Liberty Square Tree representing the original 13 U.S. colonies. Its the big tree to the left when facing the Paddle Wheel Boat.

If you look closely in the windows of some of the buildings in Liberty Square, you'll see rifles. During the American Revolution, that meant that the people inside were ready to fight.

One window has 2 lanterns for "One of by land, two if by sea".

In Liberty Square, there is a gate around a door -- it guards a marble slab that used to be threshhold or a step at Monticello. President Jefferson actually walked on it long ago. In the section with different styled building fronts next to each other, observe the details and styles progressing through the 19'th century, place 18 in front of the house number on the door to get the year for that styling.

Did you know that the area from Liberty Square to Frontierland actually has a geographical "map" to it? Or at least some rhyme and reason?

Liberty Square was supposed to represent the East Coast of the United States while the Train station behind Splash Mountain was to represent the West Coast.

The 17th-century mansion of master Gracie is supposedly on the Hudson River. The Hall of Presidents is supposed to represent Pennsylvania but the Liberty Bell is also a good Pennsylvania focal point.. [I] think the river for the paddle boat was supposed to be on the Mississippi. Also have to check what Tom Sawyer's Island actually represented. One source calls the bridge near the hat shop and shooting gallery as going over the "little Mississippi". The Diamond Horseshoe is at the gateway to the west, St. Louis MO. The old wooden cottage of the Country Bear Jamboree symbolicly represents Colorado.

Big Thunder Mountain RR and the tiny town of Tumbleweed were near Monument Valley MT. And lastly the WDW Railroad stop in Frontierland represented California.

Meanwhile back "East" as you enter the Columbia House Restaurant from the Fantasy Land end nearest Peter Pan's Flight (London), it is decorated to represent England and as you walk through, the decor changes to Early American.

Or, coming the other way, as we change lands Fantasyland to Liberty Square we are virtually crossing the Atlantic. When you enter the Columbia House Restaurant end nearest the Small World Attraction leaving the Old World behind to make our fortunes in the New World.

[I] heard that at the Columbia Harbor House, on the second floor, the dining room there is seldom crowded and you can have a great view of Fantasyland and one of the other lands

Notice the claw marks on the floor at the Country Bear Jamboree.

This is a little hard to explain in writing so [I] hope it makes sense. In Frontierland, look down at the main walkway (which is also the parade route). Instead of just plain cement there's also and area a couple feet wide that goes all the way down the walkway and looks like a brownish/yellow gravel. It seems in frontier times the streets had a urine trough in them for the all of the horse urine. The gravel area represents the urine trough. [I]'ll never look at that area the same way again! There are some areas of Liberty Square that represent more upscale neighborhoods than others. The female CM's in the "poorer" sections have "shorter" costume skirts. This is because the poor women would have to trudge through the urine and sewage in their streets and didn't want to get their dresses dirty.

Over on Tom Sawyer's Island, while in Harper's Mill, look closely at the wooden gears operating. On one of the gears that rotates horizontally, look closely between the cogs. You will see a little blue bird sitting there. If you are on one of the first few trips over, see if you can find a paintbrush on the ground or in the bushes. Turn it in to (I think) the boat captain on your way back and s/he'll give you a Fastpass to a nearby ride.

Also on the island, Injun Joe's cave is always nice and cool no matter how hot it is outside. It's dark inside of course but it can be a good spot to hang out when trying to beat the heat and there's Aunt Polly's lemonade stand.

If you're by the Haunted Mansion at night, look up at the top story right above the front door. If you watch it for a while you'll notice a light pass by it and some shadows, it looks like 2 people are walking by with a lantern.

On the rooftop and turrets of the Haunted Mansion, there are what look like rooks and pawns for a giant chess set. Other parts could pass for kings and bishops but are not standard chess pieces. Some folks say that the carriage in the entrance way is being pulled by an invisible horse, notice the hoof prints. May look more dramatic at night.

[I] also like the the rose on a grave at the haunted mansion.

At the entrance just before you go inside the last tombstone (for Madame Leota) has eyes on it that open for just an instant.

In the stretch room we noticed that some of the pictures stretch more than the room does. The bottom of some (all?) the picture frames is visible before the room stretches but not after.

It's just amazing, all the details they put in Haunted Mansion. How many people have not looked up in the stretch room (when it goes dark) and seen the man hanging from the ceiling with the noose around his neck?

Linger for a moment in the Stretching Room after the lights come back on and listen for faint laughter and talk from the gargoyles. Hard to notice but a "must do" or "must see" or rather "must-hear" for the true Disneyphile.

Just before you board the doom buggy look for a table on the right that has a small lamp on it.there is a dictionary on the table that always open to the word "ghost" go over and take a look. (Not there late 2003?)

Also when you go to board the doom buggies at the Haunted Mansion the posts that hold the chains to guide lined up guests have bats on top. Where the line changes direction you will see bats with just one outstretched wing, feel their bodies and the other wing is there. Notice the last bat head before you board has no features on it, it is smooth from all the hands rubbing over it through the years (not there as of late 2003?).

For those of you who grew up in the 1960's look for a spider with peace symbol (the circular symbol with lines at 12, 4, 6, and 8 o'clock). on its back (on big spider web at end of stairwell going up during the ride?) Someone said it is really a hidden mickey figure.

Has anyone ever noticed that the "hands" on one clock are actually fingers?

One guest reported a clock with 13 (the usual unlucky number of) hours, not sure whether it is the same clock. You may see the shadow of a bony hand passing over it.

Look at the chair in front of the endless hall with the "floating" candelabra.

If you look up at the cemetery gate when you are first going into the cemetery scene, you can see a paper tag hanging off of the gate. That is actually the purchase tag that was accidentelly left on the gate when it was purchased from a California manufacturer. It has been there for so long, they leave it, as a private joke to themselves [I] guess. (Hard to see.)

The ballroom scene where the ghosts are having a party is filled with so many things that it's hard to focus on everything in one trip. The imagineers went into unflinching detail when creating this party. However, they forgot something when creating the dancing ghosts. Beneath your ride vehicle behind glass are the audioanimatronics ghosts that dance around while their images are projected onto a screen-which is what you see in the ballroom. When they created the ghosts they did not think about the glass projecting the image backwards as all mirrors do and instead of the men leading the women (which is how they were made) the women are actually leading the men-look at their hands next time you go through. One place setting seems to be continually re-arranged into and out of a Mickey head pattern.

In the ballroom scene, there is a lady sitting in a rocking chair. This animatronic figure is a duplicate made from the grandmother in one of the side scenes of the Carousel of Progress.

In the TV room look closely at the sheet music.

In the Haunted Mansion ride, you may see rainbows about a group of illuminated heads. This does not appear to be a part of the ride scenery but rather is a subtle but undesirable characteristic of the video gear (DLP (tm) projectors of a few years ago) used to produce the images on the faces. There are places in other rides where these rainbows may be seen, too (for example Epcot's Spaceship Earth, persons with eyeglasses are more likely to notice).

Don't forget to stop another 30 feet down the sidewalk and visit the pet cemetery. See if you can find Mr. Toad here. Most people just walk right on by.

(No hint as to location of this one) Sign at MK pointing to the “Ghastly Mansion”.

You can go from Liberty Square directly to the It's a Small World side of Fantasy land, as well as back to the center circle in front of Cinderella Castle.

Cinderella Castle

The stone railing that is along the castle's walkway has inverted three-circle patterns all along it. When the sun hits these the right way, images of Mickey are projected all along the walkway.

Sit on the stone ledge on the right side of the castle, you may hear Stitch giggle and tell you to be quiet because he's hiding.

[I] haven't seen this one posted, but it was fun for [my] kids to discover the little mice up in the rafters of the lobby of the castle.

Inside the walls of the walk-through of the castle is several mosaics. On the mosaic wall furthest from the entrance are the two stepsisters, Anastasia and Drusilla (Minerva and Calliope in Disney's 1998 movie version starring Brandy and Paolo). The mosaic shows one of them with a red face and the other with a green face. Red with rage and green with envy!

At Cinderella's Royal Table restaurant when you're waiting to be called, stand in front of the throne and look up to the right and you will see Gus and Jacques staring down. The crests and flags and banners hanging from the ceiling are supposed to represent the ancestors of the Disney folks who built or were at least involved with the building of the castle. Also (if you have an autograph book) try asking the suit of armor for an autograph.

In the room where you get your picture taken with Cinderella, the flag with the three lions on it represents the Disney family crest.


After walking through the castle into Fantasyland, look at the windows in the buildings to your left - wait for the curtains to open. (Disneyland only?)

Also try to find the Evil Queen above the Snow White attraction (Disneyland only?). Every few minutes the curtains are drawn back and there she is in all her glory. While you're there, don't forget to rub the brass apple at the entrance to Snow White.

(From a published unofficial guidebook?) As you are riding through Snow White's Scary Adventures you were supposed to be Snow White as opposed to see Snow White. But due to guest complaints: "Where is Snow White?" they changed things and put in figures of Snow White.

One horse on Cinderella's Golden Carrousel has a gold ribbon on its tail. This particular horse is rumored to be Cinderella's favorite. (at least that's what the fairy godmother said).

Find Cinderella's coach mice atop the sign for the Carrousel.

Also on the Carrousel see a picture of Cinderella running with her prince to their carriage after just being married (not sure of exact location).

In Fantasyland the pavement changes a few times. Over near Ariel's Grotto (closing mid-2010) the pavement has been cement mixed with sea shells like you would find near an ocean town. Another unique area (nice photo op.) is right in front of the Carrousel where Merlin the Magician picks a lucky lad or lass to remove the Sword from the Stone. The pavement there has shapes like sword blades.

When Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was converted into Winnie the Pooh Adventure around the turn of this century, they included a scene where Mr. Toad hands off the property deed to the ride (to Owl). To see this scene, look to your left as you enter Owl's house. There's a framed picture on the wall, just inside the doors. You really have to turn around and look 'back', almost.

On the floor of the Pooh ride on the right in Owl's house there is a picture of Pooh and Moley from Mr.Toad.

Try to smell honey as you ride Pooh. (Not sure which rooms.)

Cinderella's Story time. It is in a little garden area in Fantasyland.

Find the water fountain to the left of Cinderella Castle as you exit the rear (and next to Tinker Bell's Treasures) it has Cinderella in it holding a bird.

Stand directly in front of Cinderella and curtsy to her, you will see the gold crown behind her painted onto the wall go onto her head. The purpose? To explain the story of Cinderella in just one glance - rags to riches.

Mickeys Philharmagic's Donald voice is mixed / bridged with original Donald Ducky Nash and current voice Tony Anselmo (sp?)?

There is very limited dialogue in Philharmagic intentionally because WDW's guest base is so diverse in languages.

The decor inside was inspired by the classic music halls of Europe. Very very beautiful. royal blues and golds. Great details. The Fantasy Faire Giftshop cabinets have cello/vioin heads and music stands all over. Very ornate.

Look at the seat in front of you when you sit down in Mickey's Philharmagic. There is something that looks like a speaker on the one side. This is where the puffs of air and smells come from during the show. [My] friend placed his hand over it at just the right moment and his hand retained the smell ([I] think it was of pie...yum yum)

At the end of Mickey's PhilharMagic, Donald's behind can be seen in the back of the theatre wall. As you exit into the PhilharMagic gift shop, you'll see his angry front side if you look up.

When you go to Sir Mickey's Shop in Fantasyland look at where the roof meets the walls. You will see Willie the Giant from Mickey and the Beanstalk peeking into the shop .

In It's a Small World only two of the figures represent the United States. they are really hard to find if you don't know what you are looking for. They are the cowboy and the Eskimo.

The hidden Mickey banner on the ceiling of It's a Small World. As you go 'round it is draped high from the ceiling to the right of the boat just before you go through to a different room (can never remember which room 'till [we] get there) but it is a long narrow banner hung lengthwise from the ceiling

Check out Cleopatra winking when you get to Egypt! (She's the one on the barge.)

In one of the last scenes of 'Small World, there's a balloon and one of the dolls in it (or hanging from it, my memory's a little fuzzy) is holding a sign saying 'HELP!

Someone commented about the "goodbye" signs in the last room of the "It's a Small World" ride One sign says "SA WAHT DEE KRAHP". Contributor Damian says this is the approximate English pronunciation of Thai (Siamese) for "goodbye" as said by a man or boy. Said by a woman or girl, it is "SA WAHT DEE KHA". This sign may or may not be present following a recent refurbishing of the ride or might reappear every now and then.

Also, you can ask to ride up front in Its A Small World... the CM's don't mind one bit and that way the child can see much better!

In Peter Pan's Flight, in the first (nursery) room, look for the building blocks with letters on them, some of them spell out "DISNEY" and "P PAN" (hard to see? removed @ 1/05?).

Going through Neverland on Peter Pan's Flight, there are some mermaids, sunning themselves on the rocks, [I] like it was to our right as [we] went past it. Anyway, one of them looks just like Ariel. (ed. note: Peter Pan's Flight opened long before Disney produced The Little Mermaid.)

Has anyone ever noticed that when you go into Tinker Bell's Treasures' shop that it is also divided into two sections?

When you enter the door nearest the castle you are actually in the Darling family children's nursery. The merchandise shelves are beds, dressers, chest of drawers etc. There are dolls, kites and other toys all around the ledge at the top of the room. Stare into the top left keyhole in the dresser and wait for a flash of light to see if you can see Tinker Bell.

Then as you go to the other end the shop is laid out as Cap't. Hook's ship. There is even a ship's "bridge" where one could imagine a ship's wheel. You can see the tree where the Lost Boys live. You might even get to see Tinker Bell fly into one of the trunk/limb openings to warn the Lost Boys of Hooks "gift".

Pinocchio's Village Haus is made up of seven themed rooms. They are named Blue Fairy, Cleo, Figaro, Jiminy Cricket, Monstro, Stromboli, and Geppetto's Workshop.


[I] read in a newsletter that the metal "palm trees" in Tomorrowland fold up at night and open during the day. Just like flowers! (ed. note: They didn't when I was there in August 2004)

Near the Indy Speedway on the way from Fantasyland into Tomorrowland there is a high streetlamp with three large round hooded lights -- it was designed to cast a Mickey figure on the ground twice a day when the sun is in the right place.

A nice little hidden thing in Space Mountain...look up at the ceiling while waiting in line. Those space rocks you see flying by are actually Chips Ahoy cookies! Kinda funny. After the ride, on the moving walkway, look for Pooh's shadow in the scenes to the right.

Some of the big points in Buzz Lightyear are scored when leaving the first room. Turn around and shoot the back of the Orange robots arm or the back of the buzz saw. As you enter the second room, try to shoot the volcano. The jackpot appears to be the 'Z' target at the bottom of Zurg's pulpit, reachable only just as you enter or (facing backward) just as you leave the third room.

The car usually turns automatically away from these so use the lever to face backwards and score big!

One contributor suggests to hold the button on your blaster down all the time. Don't let it up as you move it around and aim.

Astro Orbiter is a little over twice the speed of Dumbo or Aladdin's Carpets, six seconds per revolution as opposed to thirteen. If you fly the rocket higher you will not feel as much a sensation of wanting to fall out.

While riding the Tomorrowland Transit Authority trains, look out to the left toward the bridge and you can get a great view of a topiary dragon on the side of the grassy hill. You can also see this dragon on the right while entering Tomorrowland via the main bridge.

Also when riding TTA you enter a tunnel and see a model of a futuristic city which was first exhibited at the 1964-5 New York Worlds Fair with the Carousel of Progress and envisioned by Walt Disney as the plan for Epcot. In a different tunnel is.a glimpse of Space Mountain from the sidelines in the dark with the "space vehicles" flying by above.

TTA is a nice ride to take if you want to rest for a few minutes, and you can see from a different perspective the parts of the park through which it passes..

Toontown Fair

(Mickey's Toontown Fair is undergoing extensive remodeling in 2010.)

Mickey's Toontown Fair opens a little later than the rest of MK but you can take the train there and meet Mickey, Cinderella, and other characters (at the Judge's Tent?) before long lines form. Characters also escort the first few children waiting at the rope between Toontown Fair and Fantasyland.

Early in the morning you can hear all kinds of fun great sounds. Farm animals, crop dusting engines etc. a countryside theme, a farm area. Where else would you expect to find the farmers market? This is the Florida countryside. When you go inside the farmers market you'll see crates and bags of Florida citrus product. A nice tribute to the lands of Florida that have been built over. The lifelike chickens, which for years covered the road in the famous car crash scene of the mourned "World of Motion" at Epcot, have found a new home here.

When you go to Minnie's house make sure you turn all of the knobs in the kitchen. Hear the popcorn pop, etc.

Not a big secret ... but [I] like the walkway that goes from Mickey's Toontown Fair to Space Mountain. It follows the railroad track. One of the few quiet places in MK.

Notice Mickey shaped manhole covers in Toontown. (didn't find any 11/03) (Trivia: Why are manhole covers usually round?)(2)

One guest reports that many characters are out near the Toontown gift shop around park closing time You'll often see Chip, Dale, and Pooh here.

Magic Kingdom Parade Viewing

Staking out a spot well in advance for this or any other parade is not for the faint of heart. There are too many rowdies and rude folks barging to the front at the last minute. Meanwhile it is not rude to refuse to "please move back" for latecomers sitting too far into the street.

For safety reasons, the parade no longer has regular stops to let spectators dance and interact with the characters, although characters still occasionally come up to you.

See if you can find a "hidden Walt (1)" on each float.

Tiny things you can look for on the parade floats (in order of appearance):

*  The Mickey float has many small figurines of the Mouse's past film roles (Sorcerer's Apprentice, Steamboat Willie, etc.)

*  Figaro and Cleo can be found if you look closely on the Pinocchio float (I think they're on the left side of the float)

*  On the Aladdin float, look closely just behind Pooh and you'll see the very tiny Bernard and Bianca from 'The Rescuers'.

*  On the Peter Pan float, look inside the crystal castle to see tiny versions of characters on a carrousel (ones [I]'ve spotted include Mushu and Chesire Cat)

Fireworks Show

Stand near the flower garden right outside Tomorrow Land for the fireworks and Tinker Bell flies right overhead.

Other interesting places to view the fireworks:

1.  While riding Splash Mountain, as your log boat comes down the big drop into the briar patch (requires some lucky timing).

2.  From the balcony at the Main St. railroad station, a nice view of Main St with the castle in the distance.

3.  From Narcoosee's Restaurant. They sometimes dim the lights and play the fireworks music.

4.  From California Grill at Contemporary Resort.


Characters each choose a child to escort into Toontown Fair at its rope drop opening.

On the first ride of Dumbo each morning, Mickey and Minnie pick kids to ride with.

Children often ask the Walt Disney Railroad train conductor for the chance to announce "All Aboard".

Here's one for grownups, specifically veterans. Ask at City Hall about participating in the evening Flag Retreat. You might also receive a Disney pin, a photograph with you in the event (additional photographs sold separately), or a certificate signed by Mickey Mouse.

Kiss Goodnight

(You may have to try more than once as is not performed every night) Linger in the park in front of the castle about 30 minutes after the park closing. You'll be treated to the "kiss goodnight" from the castle...something really cool to see. (Buses and monorails run for at least an hour after park closing time, a little longer if guests are outside still waiting. But after an hour don't straggle too far behind.)

(end of Magic Kingdom section)

Epcot Secrets -- Future World

(Spaceship Earth has been refurbished recently and some of the features mentioned here may have been rearranged)

The mural at the top of the ramp entrance to Spaceship Earth shows a caveman holding a rock...it looks just like a turkey leg, one of the signature food items sold at Walt Disney World!

The burning smell in the Roman scene in Spaceship Earth is part of the show, not to dial 911 from your cell phone about.

In Spaceship Earth in Epcot, there are two figures that are the same as those in the Hall of Presidents: the sleeping monk is the likeness of Woodrow Wilson & the large bald slave in the Egyptian scene is the likeness of William Taft.

In the scene at the top where the moon is showing, you may see a lift, which is used to get Mickey or others to the top of Spaceship Earth outside for special events or movie shoots.

If it's your birthday, go to Guest Relations (next to Spaceship Earth) and they can tell you if one of the characters has a special phone message for you (they will direct you to the appropriate phone in the park).

Find the marker in Epcot that supposedly represents the center of WDW. (Due to land acquisitions and sales over the years since Walt purchased the original 28,000 odd acres, this marker is no longer the "center", if it ever was at one time.) Its just to the west of Innoventions West (on that path that leads straight to Living With the Land). It's a circle and it has quotations from different inventors and scientests and [I] believe even Walt has a quotation posted there.

(Selected holiday and peak times only) At Epcot, by the entrance to the Body Wars ride there were little shops around and there is this little stage. [We] decided to just sit in the front row of seats there and maybe there would be a puppet show or something on this stage (sign said show in 5 min) It turned out it was not puppets at all. It was a comedy/juggling act. It was very funny. Occasionally a guest is picked to go up on stage and they had him juggle plates while the song "Macho Man" played and the comedian told him to walk like a model. [I] can't explain all the jokes but needless to say [I] laughed so hard and still to this day after seeing the video (sold after the show) at least 25 times [I] still cry of laughter. If this is still there it's worth seeing.

In the Mission Space capsule, most of the buttons and switches do make things happen, such as flash lights or give off sounds. So feel free to "tamper with the controls" during the ride

When you are in the gift shop of Mission Space look at the walls. It looks like electricial boxes and wiring. some of these boxes are Mickeys heads.

Did you know that the 134 foot long mural at Living With the Land is made up of over 150,000 tiles? They represent the layers of the Earth's soil. Both sides of the mural are alike for one green tile on the right-hand side which was placed there by the artist as her "signature."

At Living Seas, look at the beams inside. You will see a bunch of letter and number combinations. On one of the tours [we] had taken it was explained that the people who worked on building that building wanted to leave something so the letters and numbers mean something special to each one who worked on the building

At Club Cool (formerly Coke Station; Ice Station) offer a friend one of the samples of Coca-Cola as served in a far away country. (Try the ruby red one). "[We] do the same trick with [Beverly]!! It backfired once, [my] friend spit it out all over another one of our fellow travelers....on purpose, [I] suspect."

The treads of the tractor that sits there are in the shape of Coke bottles. Also one of the parts in the satellite dish.

[I]'ve never been to Club Cool and didn't see the cave man. [I] thought he was a permanent fixture. (Late 2005: He's been removed for refurbishing or maybe for good.)

Behind Club Cool on the way to Journey Into Imagination the walkway plays musical notes as you walk along.

They are probably not there all the time but at the exit to Test Track you might see the test crash dummies.. They look like statues, but there really are people in there dressed up... If you see them don't tell anyone else in your party but get your party to pose next to the dummies for a picture and they will come to life!

Also, when you exit the Test Track ride area, you walk into a room that looks like a factory with lots of motorized carts overhead moving around and and conveyor belts moving parts. It looks like a huge room, but if you walk over to the wall on the right side and stand at the right angle you can see that the room is actually pretty small and that they use mirrors to give the illusion that you're standing in a section of a huge warehouse/factory!

Look for the solar powered lawnmowers at Epcot.

At night, observe patterns in the main walkway near and between the Innoventions made by thousands of tiny lights. [My] favorite thing there is the "fireflies" in the trees! They are so romantic and remind me of catching them in a jar when [I] was a child. When exiting, look for an illuminated sign "Thank you for visiting...". The latter's light bulbs are shaped like Mickey heads.

Talking water fountains:

1- Outside Mouse Works shop

2- behind Innoventions West, near the restroom, between Innoventions and HISTA Pavilion

3- near the play fountain between Future World and World Showcase.

Nice rest areas:

1.  Rose garden walkway


Epcot Secrets -- World Showcase

At each country's pavilion there are cast members from that country who are explaining their country's customs, traditions, and heritage. During November and December holiday customs and traditions are explained and also acted out and Santa Claus or their equivalent figure(s) make appearances.

(Going clockwise)

Don't miss the boat ride inside at the rear of Mexico. The restaurant inside gives the impression of dining under the stars but is very cozy and you can see the ride boats going by.

Outside Mexico is a stand serving several flavors of margaritas; to the right is a tropical garden.

The first building as you enter Norway has a roof covered with real sod. Horticulture workers get up on that roof and trim the grass with clippers since they don't have a goat to keep up there as they do in Scandinavia.

The Viking ship next to the Norway pavilion has been removed; it had deteriorated and became a safety hazard for persons sneaking on board

Yes, you can go into the Stave Church at Norway. Inside the Norway pavilion, you'll notice that the scenery shows buildings are built very close together. This is to represent that Scandinavian climate is such that, with certain wider building spacings, the pressure from snow accumulation would eventually push the walls in.

When you are going up in the Norway ride - the eye of the Viking is a really cool effect.

One area at Norway is a seafaring museum.

Examine the rotunda ceiling inside Temple of Heaven at China. Depending on where you stand, you may be able to hear your echo. Sometimes musicians perform in the rotunda while you wait to enter the theater. One instrument played is the pi-pa, a lute like instrument strummed with picks on all five fingers of one hand. The walkways by the gift shops outside are narrow to make things seem more crowded, reflecting the immense population of that country.

Sometimes between showings of the film in China, a performer will come into the ante-room with a stringed lute like instrument called the "pi-pah" (pea pa) that he sets horizontally in front of him. He plays it with picks on all five fingers of one hand giving a very exquisite "did did did did did did" performance.

There is a green bowl in the back of one of the shops in China. It has water in it. When you rub the handles just right the water dances and looks like it's coming from the carved fish around the edges.

When you get to the Outback area lift the lids on the old time soda coolers. Get ready for a surprise. Sometimes there is a wood carver or a person playing African drums there.

In Germany, observe the figures that come out of the clock when the clock chimes the hour. Don't miss the model train exhibit out front. If you know the holiday story about the pickle ornament, find the pickle tree (in a store).

Italy at the World Showcase. If you wander around behind the shops (where the fountains are) look around for little red press-buttons that say "press for a surprise" (or something to that effect). If you press the button, water squirts from a different location. (Not there 8/04?)

In Italy, when you are walking towards the pavillion, you have the shop with the clothes on the left. OK, that building, the columns have little men, maybe monks (?) carved into them, a little over head level. One of the men is actually holding a bowling ball. The CM told [me] one of, or the, architect was a bowler and wanted to leave that in the building. (If you ask me, several of the figures are of men holding bowling balls.)

Observe the gondolas (not a ride).

The American Adventure building uses inverse forced perspective to look smaller than it is from close up. It is five stories tall to look reasonably sized from across the lagoon, but the windows and doors are sized to give it a three story appearance.

The pictures on the walls inside American Adventure were all painted by various Disney artists. One picture in particular is an optical illusion. The picture hangs in the corner to the left as you first enter the rotunda. It is a picture of a B-17 bomber from back in World War II. In front of the picture is a grey strip of tiles on the floor. If you stand on the gray tiles and walk back and forth, the plane seems to swivel to follow you.

Not a secret but something to reflect upon next time you feel inconvenienced at WDW:

Inside American Adventure, spend some time looking at these paintings. They show the adventurous spirit of Americans, but you can imagine the hardships the people endured in those days. When I saw the picture of the wagon train I could not help thinking about how many times a wagon broke down and everyone had to stop while its owner and family split up and climbed on board other's wagons, and belongings had to be left behind so everyone could be carried. The elevator for handicapped guests is behind one of the paintings on the front wall.

Most of furniture and props in the show are real antiques (although some are reproductions). In the opening scene, there is a teapot behind Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain that says "No Stamp Act" on it -- a real antique.

Take your younger kids (toddler through elementary school) to see the Fife and Drum Corp at American Adventure. During the show, the kids may have a chance to lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sometimes at American Adventure a choral group does an a'capella number with some of the members doing accompaniment with a "yum yum yum yum" sound imitating banjos.

Find the bamboo water fountain that makes a clacking noise at Japan. (water was turned off as of Aug. '04)

The stone lantern in Japan was originally a gift from one of the country's leaders (can't remember specifically - anyone?) to Roy Disney (the younger I believe). It used to be in his backyard until eventually it ended up in Epcot. I might have this a little mixed up though - if someone has specifics and could remind us all, that would be cool.

The candy artist is interesting to watch, if not purchase a candy animal in the color of your choice from. Also try the Kaki Gori, it's delicious.

The Japanese pagoda in Epcot has 5 stories and each symbolizes something, They are in ascending order, which represent the elements from which Buddhists believe all things in the universe are created: earth, water, fire, wind and sky.

Children can sometimes meet Aladdin, Jasmine, or the Genie in or near the back room at Morocco. Morocco offers a guided tour as well, reservations recommended. There is a letter signed by George Washington displayed in the restaurant.

The aqueduct across from Morocco has many kinds of plantings.

During Illuminations the Morocco temple is not lit up. Some say this is to respect their religious beliefs, others say it is a limitation of the electrical system.

They say that in a few places near Morocco you can see (in the distance) the Magic Kingdom fireworks. This was a few years ago, the trees not quite so far in the distance may have since grown and obscured this view.

You might notice that each wall mosaic has at least one cracked/flawed tile in it. These mosaics were created by Moroccan artisans in a unique arrangement with their government and Disney. The Moroccan people worship Allah, and believe that only Allah can create something that is "perfect," so every mosaic was purposely flawed!

Continuing on to France, you'll notice that there is a section of pavement that looks different. This is supposed to symbolize the Straits of Gibraltar.

France: The Chefs de France restaurant has a wine bar. Also try the chocolate mousse.

Visit Belle's Library at France, noticed the stained glass window, purchase Beauty & the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame souvenirs and books.

The bridge continuing on past France symbolically crosses the English Channel. See if you can find a bike and an easel as if an artist were coming back to finish a painting of the store across the canal. (Location may change periodically, 8/04 was down on the non-public walkway at water's edge.) This is also the location of the rear entrance (International Gateway) from some of the resorts to Epcot.

If you came to United Kingdom from the left (French) side using the path rather than the road, you will see a not-a-Garden or more accurately a Knot-a-garden. It represents the local apothecary. The hedges are grown a foot or so high in the shape of a knot. and each "section" of the garden had a different herb planted in it. The should be particularly wonderful now during the Flower and Garden show.

In this garden is the butterfly box. It has a name but [I] can't remember it right now either. Disney has plants that butterflies are naturally attracted to. When the butterflies spin their baby cocoons, Horticulture takes the cocoon and places it in this protective box. it has a top and four sides but no bottom. As the butterfly hatches it simply flies out the bottom of the box. As the plants the butterfly is attracted to are right there, they tend to never leave this British Butterfly Garden. The text on the sign nearby is informative at first but near the end gets hilarious!  (There is supposedly another butterfly box near Test Track in Future World, the directions to find it are vague, face the Test Track pavilion, from which angle was not specified, then turn completely around and walk straight.)

At United Kingdom, you look in front of you and to your right, you will see a line of shops. The first (nearest the main walkway) is a tea shop and its door to the outside is usually locked. Its outside and inside architecture represent UK in the 1600's. Thatched roof, huge hearth inside low ceilings, dark lighting even the style floor.

The next shop represents the 1700's and in-point-of-fact has a sign out front that says est 1702. It has higher ceilings and basic wrought iron lighting fixtures, Ceilings are higher. If you look at it from the outside you can see the cantilever build. That served two purposes. the first was a legal form of tax evasion. Subject were taxed on the sqare footage of the downstairs. Second and even more visual was what they threw out the upstairs windows into what could be considered a drainage ditch that ran down the center of the street. Just another reason gentlemen walked nearer the road and wore large brimmed hats whlie ladies walked very near the buildings.

The next building is 1800's neo-classical. See the window styles and even how ornate the window coverings and lighting are? Look up at the ceiling and how it is painted.

As you exit that shop look to your right. There is a whole other building over there and it is in the same 1800's time frame to stay in sync. Look at the rooftops. See the Mary Poppins style chimneys.

You should now be looking out over the garden area ( intended to represent Hyde Park). If you look to your left you will see a typical shrubbery maze. Except it is of short hedges so children don't get lost. There were rubber stamps here and there in the maze, when they are applied to paper in the proper order you get a picture of Tigger.

Twining's Tea Shop modeled after William Shakespeare's home

If you entered United Kingdom from the Canadian side the first thing you come up to is the Rose and Crown on your left. When the imagineers visited the UK they determined there were three types of pubs (Public Houses).

So all three styles are reflected in the outside architecture of Rose and Crown. One facade is the one you can see from the water side. or Canada side, one facade is the entrance into the pub itself and the third is for the fish and chips windowl The name Rose and Crown was chosen because after their study of the four countries it was determined that the word "Rose" and the word "Crown" were the two most popular words contained in the naming of pubs.

Did anyone know that there was a walking trail in Canada, with an old abandoned mine and waterfalls?

Did you know that the leftmost of the three totem poles in Canada is a real 700 pound cedar totem pole? This 30-footer, placed in April, 1998, was carved by a renowned Tsimshian Indian carver, David Boxley. It represents 3 stories of Raven, a traditional story amongst Northwest Coastal Indians. The top of the pole depicts the story of Raven tricking the Chief of the Skies to release the sun, moon & stars from a carved cedar chest (box).

One building in Canada is three stories high but the windows are sized to make it look to be five stories high.

The plants at Canada are changed to match Canada's seasons -- white in winter, gold and red in autumn etc. They can't correspond to Buchart Gardens, because the weather in Disney is different than on Vancouver Island. However, the flower gardens there do represent Buchart Gardens.

In Canada, there is a huge "rock" at the Kodak picture spot. Before IllumiNations begins, the top of the "rock" will open,and sound and lighting equipment for IllumiNations will come out. [I] was standing right by the "rock" when it happened and was amazed at what I was seeing!

In Canada at Epcot, the Kidcot (mask) station is down by the exit for the movie "O Canada", and behind the flower garden

(end of Epcot section)

Disney-Hollywood Studios (DHS) Secrets

(This theme park was not a joint venture between Disney and MGM, although Disney was required by Metro Goldwyn Mayer to build and create certain things there in order to use the MGM name. Licensed use of the MGM name has now expired.)

Not sure where the statue or fountain that Darryl Hannah's character gave to Tom Hanks' character in the movie "Mermaid" is but, in the men's room near that statue there is a loud gurgling from one of the toilets every once in awhile. This is a prerecorded sound effect. There may be a similar sound effect in the ladies' room.

In front of the Chinese Theatre you can see signatures and handprints of a lot of celebrities that visited MGM. There are even signatures of some of the characters! Then turn and go to your left. There is a little garden on the right side of the building with busts of famous people. [I] just saw this on our next to last visit. It was very interesting walking around reading about the stars.

The "lion" statues outside the Chinese Theater are actually dogs! Can you tell which gender each one is?

Have you seen Mickey's profile on the Great Movie Ride? It's in a high window on the left in the gangster scene with James Cagny. We always have fun looking for it.

During busy times there are two different skits. Which one you see depends on what section of seats you get into, and time of year. There is a cowboy/western show and a mob /gangster shootout.

The plane in the Casablanca scene was a Lockheed purchased specifically for that scene. The rear half is in the Jungle Cruise ride at Magic Kingdom.

Also in the Great Movie Ride... In the Egyptian-styled section, check out some of the wall tiles as fast as you can while the ride moves through. Most of them are normal hieroglyphics, but several have pictures of funny MGM and Disney stuff. For example, one of the tiles has R2-D2 and another has C-3PO from Star Wars. There are a couple hidden mickeys in there too. There are so many hieroglyphics in the room making them hard to find but ... Pharoah Mickey and [I] believe Slave Donald are on the back wall on the opposite side from Indy and Salla, just as you're about to leave that room. It is about 1/3 of the way "up".

In Disney-Hollywood Studios you will find Gertie the Dinosaur. After entering the park, go straight past the first block of gift shops and take a left. She is in the pond. She is a tribute to the vaudeville actor and artist Windsor Mackay who is credited with producing the first projected animated motion picture.

Gertie may have been an attraction at one time but she is now an ice cream stand.

The 50's Prime Time Cafe is a great place to take the kids because the waiters and waitresses act like your parents and they tell you to get your elbows off the table and if you don't finish something they do the little "tsk tsk" thing. Plus there are TV's that play cartoons so your children will be entertained while eating.

Hollywood Hideaway is? This private lounge is tucked quietly away at the Disney-Hollywood Studios for use during private and special events only. When guests need to know how to get to their special event, simply direct them to Drew Carey's Sounds Dangerous attraction. Radio Disney studios section is right next to it, and at the end of the building is the Hollywood Hideaway. (If no event is going on inside, its entrance is concealed.)

When you're headed towards Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular from the park entrance you go past a well on the main walkway. If you pull on the rope you'll hear someone talking down in the well. (This might not work on each of frequent pulls such such as when the rope was pulled recently by a previous guest. There are several scripts.)

If you exit the Indiana Jones theater from the far right-side stairway (as you face the stage; stage-left or house-right) pay attention as you go onto the landings. Look for the hand of a Disney staff (cast) member rising above the railing holding the golden idol from the show's Mayan (or South American in the movie version) temple. The idea is to pat the head of the idol as you go past. A big thrill for kids [and some others] that love the first Indy film. One caveat: not sure if they do this after all shows.

At the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids play area, climb the stairs between the garden hose and the slide coming out of a roll of film. There is a dog's nose. Put your hand in the nostrils. The dog sniffs you!

In Disney-Hollywood Studios (exact location not given), there is an armored car on the side of the street. On the passenger side, under one of the foot steps, there is a lever. It is supposed to activate some hydraulics that make it look like you are lifting the car. It hasn't worked in the last two years [I] have tried it.

On the street in the New York neighborhood you can hear gangsters talking and gun shots inside the buildings

After the sea battle show that starts off the Backstage Tour  you are guided through a room with props from many past Disney movies. You can ask a CM to let you linger there and join the tram tour with the next group, or you can ask to go back there after your tram tour. At the end of the tour, after the costume  display room and gift shop area you come to another warehouse with props. Find the talking / sound effects boxes near the steam roller from Roger Rabbit.

On Star Tours, right as your leaving the droid room entering the staging area look up and you'll see 2 mechanical birds; a neat homage to the 2 crows (ravens?) on Magic Kingdom's Splash Mtn. just before the big drop.

Listen to the Star Tours announcements. [I]'m not sure if they still do it but they used to page an Egroeg Sacul (George Lucas backwards). It might be on Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom also. Also listen for the reference to THX1138, seen in all of Lucas' films!

Look for the key under the doormat at Muppet Vision 3-D, I mean 4-D . Just after you go through the turnstile, go to your right and you'll find the mat.

In the pre-show room of Muppets 3-D there is a net full of green Jello hanging from the ceiling. It signifies Annette Funicello. Also look into the rafters up to the left, there is a large picture of a muppet that is modeled after Jim Henson. One display near the front says "2-D Fruities".

About Muppet Vision 3-D, one of the great secrets, 'cause everyone rushes by to get to where they are going, are the walls outside that have graffitti all over them. Stop and read some of it sometime. (Nov. '03, didn't see many of them.)

Walt's office, modeled inside One Man's Dream, is the reverse (mirror image) of what it actually was. You are supposed to be standing in his kitchenette, looking in. The briefcase and telephone are ones Walt actually used. There is speculation that the papers on the credenza behind the desk are papers from Robinson Crusoe that have Walt's red grease pencil markups.

The floor in the anteroom of Voyage of the Little Mermaid has "shelf paper" photographs of wood boards pasted on a hard material (concrete?) which were then varnished. Some other floors elsewhere may have been similarly constructed. Similar photographs of wood are often used in cheap particle board furniture.

Railroad buffs might notice that on Sunset Blvd. near Tower of Terror, the trolley wires of the vintage depicted do not have sharp bends but rather there would be a network of supporting wires making the whole resemble a giant spider web.

The message at the bottom of the bulletin board in the lobby of the Tower of Terror is great. Right after you leave the lobby of the Tower of Terror, and before you go in the library (TV room), you will see a directory board in a glass case. Some of the white letters have fallen out and are at the bottom of the case. You have to get you head right up to the glass and look down to see a message spelled out. (May be removed by one CM and put back by another CM every now and then.)

Also in the lobby, look for a pair of glasses with lenses broken. This honors the Twilight Zone's episode with Burgess Meredith: the last man on earth after an atomic blast who loved to read. He finds the remnants of a library and is all set to finally read to his heart's content, when he accidentally breaks his glasses! On the wall behind and above the concierge desk it is a large, dark plaque that says "AAA 13 Diamond Award Hotel "

[I] like the way they present the lightning and thunder "outside" the library when the show begins.

When you fall the first time (Only in the left shaft?) All the way on the bottom there are statues of a family with their luggage. [My husband and I] have seen it twice. Has anyone else seen it or are [we] crazy?

(Forget which elevator) if your elevator "hits a bottom" at just the right level you can see a dummy from The Twilight Zone sitting in a chair outside.

Tower of Terror, like all rides, has a guest exit just before the spectacular event (the ride itself). This exit has a brightly lit ordinary elevator and guests who "chickened out" from going on the ride have occasionally been frightened by this elevator also.

In line for Rock & Roller Coaster, many guests have been startled or annoyed by the clatter from other guests playing "washboard" on a door with hundreds of marbles free to rotate in individual sockets. Later as you pass Studio C, listen at the doors to Studio A and B, you will hear sounds from real recording sessions some of which came from Aerosmith's re-recordings for the coaster sound track.

One of the posters in the inside zig-zag queueing area is of a record album cover (MC5) and it has a U.S. flag pasted on it. Through the flag you might see the shadow of a marijuana leaf, which was considered unsavory for a family oriented theme park and which was so covered up following complaints from guests.

While waiting to tour Studio C, you will hear PA calls for various people. These individuals being called are the imagineers of the attraction.

One of the PA announcements in the G-force records lobby is something to the effect of, "phone call for Jude on line one... Hey, Jude, pick up line one!"

Take a look at safety signs in the form of a guitar in the "parking structure". It is a tribute to Elvis Presley.

Notice the limo license plates: 1QKLIMO, UGOGIRL, BUHBYE, 2FAST4U, H8TRFFC.

Someone said that the (Aerosmith) musical selections played during the ride are different for each limousine (coaster train). He added that, as the ride ends, if you were hearing "Love In An Elevator", the lyrics include "Life In A Roller Coaster."

In the attraction, take a look at the AC power boxes and other electrical boxes. On these you will see the initials and birthdays of the imagineers.

The music posters in the rotunda will change out (as will the back ground music in the plaza) since G-Force is a record company, and things are always changing in the "music biz".

The alley behind the Aerosmith's studio -- by the launch area of Rock 'n Roll Coaster. Just another thing to notice at Disney-Hollywood Studios.

If you have an artist in the family, s/he might be interested in the character drawing sessions held at the Animation Tour at the back right of Hollywood Studios. You can even have your drawing framed here. (Sessions are also held at Disney Quest in Downtown Disney.)


If you are lucky you will see Andy Mayshin (does he have a sister Annie?). He usually wears a yellow painter's smock and a black beret. He makes really elaborate balloon figures which he gives away and will tell stories about the character or item he is making. But he makes only about one every hour and he is very choosy about which child he will give it to.

(end of Disney-Hollywood Studios section)

Disney's Animal Kingdom (AK) Secrets

At the Rainforest Cafe there is a pond outside. Look at the pond just the right way,and there will be a rainbow.

And this isn't something you'll see but if you're entering the Animal Kingdom and there's a long line at the turnstiles try going through the Rainforest Cafe. There's a park entrance at the rear of the gift shop.

Sometimes at park opening, cast members are out front showing off some of the smaller creatures such as spiders. Wes Palm, a talking roving palm tree, which behaves somewhat like the talking trash cans at Magic Kingdom and Epcot, is also there sometimes.

It has been said that if it is raining, more animals are out and about and can be seen, in many of the habitats about the park including along some of the walkways.

On the bridge to Camp Minnie-Mickey and Festival of the Lion King you can see the fire breathing dragon's breath (you have to be patient) it is off to the right as you enter and on the left hand bank of the river. One of the waterfalls in the river down below is a dinosaur's head spouting out water.

On the way to Harambe (in Africa) stop in at the Pizzafari restaurant, one of the most brilliantly decorated buildings in the Animal Kingdom. The bright colors are eye-catching. Come before the lunch crowds gather so that you can study the different rooms with their ornate murals, walls and ceilings. Can you identify which room is which? The Home Room, Nocturnal Room, Upside-Down Room, Camouflage Room, Four Seasons Room, and Bug Room.

At the Tusker House Restaurant in Africa you can hear kitchen noises, if you sit in the outside dining area. It sounds like dishes clanging together, sweeping up broken glass, etc. This is a recording, but it's funny to see how people react, when they first hear the sounds.

If you stand facing Tusker House and listen you can hear the landlady banging on a door in the room upstairs trying to get in.

Now to share one that [I] found, the rocks in the water on the way to Kilimanjaro Safari ride in AK as you go over the bridge, look like animals. Saw one shaped like an elephant and one like an alligator.

The baobab trees the safari driver points out are all artificial. I'm told there is a real baobab tree at AK, with three silver trunks, in front of the Tusker House restaurant. Also one (?) 4 feet high, a silver fat stemmed bush in a small plot against the building in back, with walkways on each side.

In Harambe you might spy a genuine Coke bottle perched atop a utility pole as an insulator for a power line. Most of the overhead power lines are fake. Except where an operating light fixture is suspended from a cable, the actual wiring is enclosed in conduit (pipes or tubes).

Slightly behind the Dawa Bar you will see tables beside the large wall which looks over the river. Go to the wall and look down, on the bank beside the river there is a camp scene, with a boat, clothes line, tent, ect. It looks as if someone was shipwrecked there.Across from the Dawa Bar is what appears to be an old fort. Don't assume that the area's off limits -- there are actually tables and chairs in there!

The mythical land of Anandapur in Asia - note the authentic prayer trees, draped with both faded and new scarves that commemorate dead loved ones.

Notice bicycle tracks on the ground.

At least once a day Mickey and friends come down the river on the boat that used to be a ride for guests. They usually have loud music playing. But they do not dock for meets and signatures.

In the Kali River Rapids waiting queue area, don't miss Mr. Panika's office -- the owner of the "business" may be "out to temple" as the signs indicate, but the two resident geckos who reside in his gecko cabinet are in all the time. Children will enjoy spotting the little critters, which are very much alive!

At the top of the first incline, if one of the crocodile heads looks funny, the nose was broken off (during a ride evacuation drill). Immediately after that, the waterfall is supposed to suggest a lion's head (11/05).

Can you smell jasmine as your raft passes through the lush green area?

The elephant statues that squirt Kali River Rapids riders returning to the loading dock have a limited squirt cycle. Wait until a raft is about "one raft length" before them before pushing the control button. (not working 12/11)

Devine, a performer on stilts completely covered in leaves so (s)he looks like a walking plant, is usually between Asia and Africa, sometimes near the main entrance at the Rainforest Cafe.

You'll have to do Expedition Everest twice to see this. In the Standby line you "buy your supplies" in the line and "go to the booking office". In the Fastpass line you only "buy your supplies". The whole thought is that you are on a fast track to get on your journey.

Look at the little temple in front of Expedition Everest. Find a vantage point where these tiny temples form the exact shape of the mountain behind them.

As your coaster takes you up the steep hill climb, you will be able to see parts of Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney Hollywood Studios in the distance.

While on the Discovery Island Trails, look for a hidden, shaded rock. In the rock are several small holes that appear to have been bored by bugs. Peep through these holes and each homes in on one or more specific animal carvings on the Tree of Life.

See the waterlily pools at Flametree BBQ

Kids certainly won't want to overlook the Dino Land Boneyard -- the play area is specially made for them to blow off some steam. If they look off to the right, behind the jeep, they'll see a row of fossils set into the wall. Just hit one and find out what happens -- it's musical! If you can't find the so-called "xylobone," a Cast Member will point it out to you.

Has anyone mentioned that the red, yellow, and white pipes above the load area at "Dinosaur" (formerly Countdown to Extinction) are for Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayonaise and that the letters on each pipe are to suggest their chemical formulas?! They're supposed to remind you of McDonald's.

During Dinosaur, the cars bounce over a big bump in the track. The big bump is a tail of a long neck saltosaurus, who then turns around to look at you and if you sit on the back two rows, it throws you around a little more then the front two rows.

Notice the paired semicircular "assembly guide" tabs here and there along the center line of each Triceratops in Triceratop' Spin as if they were made out of stamped sheet metal with a left half and a right half, as were many toys from the era (1950's) of the "tin" toy musical top.

When you are entering Dino Land by the rides there are shrubs that spell out "Dino Land". It is where you would continue on to Tarzan Rocks. Look at the border around them. It is made of license plates from different states. It is really neat.

In Dino-Land, as you go under the gigantic dinosaur and head toward the theater (former Tarzan Rocks), look under the dinosaur to see if it's male or female. Nothing repulsive, just the way the lighting underneath is presented tells you what it is.

While waiting for the show It's Tough To Be A Bug, read the movie posters inside the cave.  Or if the line stretches outside, observe the carvings in the roots of the Tree of Life. Inside of the theatre the announcer says something to the effect of "Will all honorary bugs please remain seated so the beetles, maggots and cockroaches may exit safely." If you look up at the ceiling you will see "swarms" of lights. They all fly toward the doors. Look to your left at the exit signs and you will see little firefly type creatures lighting up the exit sign as they exit the theatre.

Did you know that when you walk down the path to the Tree of Life that there are places where you walk through "tunnels". If you look up at those "ceilings" you can see a lot of "critters" up there. [I] saw a ptarodactyl and [I] can't even remember what else. Just look up when you go through those "arches". You will also see exotic tropical birds along the trail, especially on the Africa side.

At Conservation Station children can pet animals and brush their hair but should not feed them. On the path to the train station there is a garden where a cast member gives you a card and you can try to find the (artificial) bug or insect pictured.

Not sure where but see if you can find the characters (Goofy & Donald?) fishing in the stream.

(end of Animal Kingdom section)

Downtown Disney (DD; DTD)

(2009) Pleasure Island is now closed. Some of the buildings are being refurbished for other uses and some are being demolished and replaced.

Check out the movie memorabilia at Planet Hollywood.

Downtown Disney’s giant kaleidoscope. In the Marketplace (east end of Downtown Disney) (The patterns are produced mechanically and probably repeat, as opposed to being random and infinite from free floating decorations inside.) (gone in 2007?)

The large Lego (tm) figures are great spots for tak\ing pictures. A lot of folks seem to like the napping dad sculpture, made of Lego.

Try the McDonalds soda fountains, they make all kinds of funny noises when used.

At least once a day in the Christmas Shop they have a Magical Moment. One of the CM's chooses a child and has that child color in a paper orament and then sign it and they hang it on the Christmas tree there with the ones that has already been done.


Blizzard Beach (BB)

If you are in Melt-a-Way Bay facing Summit Plummet, if you look in the rocks in between the two life guard stands on the right side of the pool (the two known as Wave One and Wave Two), just above and to the left of Wave One you will see carved in the rocks an outline of an alligator.

From the top platform of Summit Plummet you can see many landmarks of Walt Disney World including Space Mountain over at Magic Kingdom, and the Contemporary Resort


Walt Disney World Resorts

If you stand in a resort lobby on Wednesdays between 8 and noon, the WDW florists come in and change the flowers. You can get some of the old ones!

At Disney's All-Star Music resort, you will series of musical notes scattered around the lobby. These musical notes represent a favorite Disney tune - "When you wish upon a star"!

The animals near the Animal Kingdom Lodge have their own territory and do not return to the Kilimanjaro Safari area. Since Animal Kingdom closes at dusk, the Lodge is one place where you can observe animals at night.

If you go for an evening meal to AKL (Jiko's or Boma's), go early to view the animals, around 5pm because that's when the feeding troughs are filled and it tempts the animals nearer the viewing areas.

For those who haven't been before, you don't have to stay at a resort to eat there, just let security know you are arriving for a meal, they will let you through. At AKL, go through the main hotel lobby to the rear exit doors, and you're there at the viewing areas. Also you may catch the story time hour 'round the open pit fires at the back.

At Boardwalk (last seen across from rest rooms on "Inn" side, there are machines that show animated movies. I haven't seen them but they may be peep show hand cranked flip card machines. These may have once been at the Magic Kingdom Main St. railroad station. Some (not working) are also just inside the first entrance to the prop room at the Hollywood Studios' back lot tour.

Above a fireplace at the Boardwalk Inn main lobby is a carved elephant with windows in its side. It represents the 15 story high 43 room Elephant Hotel with circular stairways in its legs that graced Coney Island in New York City a hundred years ago.

Outside you can hear the sound of seagulls overhead - even when there are no birds around.

Try the Glass Slipper dessert served at restaurants at the Grand Floridian (must be ordered in advance). Notice the detailing.

The desk clerks have once in awhile given out  to really pleasant and friendly guests, original keys to the Grand Floridian rooms. These keys are displayed behind the service desk..

At Beaches 'N' Creme restaurant at Yacht/Beach Club there's a cool old Wurlitzer jukebox full of rock and roll classics that plays for free. Walk along the hall by the indoor restaurant (can't remember the name right now), there are sandcastles behind glass on the wall, the first one has a hidden mickey in there.

Somewhere around dusk, the Polynesian Resort has a whole routine they do with lighting the Tiki Torches along the outside walkway. Stop by to see that some evening. Then go inside and look for the hidden Mickey in the lobby floor of the Polynesian resort.

About the ladybug release program, according to wdwplanner.com

This program takes place at the Polynesian Resort every Thursday morning at 11:00 a.m. and also at the Wilderness Lodge 10:00 a.m. Each guest is given a matchbox containing some ladybugs. You then release the ladybugs onto the nearby plants. Ladybugs are attractive carnivorous insects that eat other "bad" insects. By using this process, Walt Disney World has managed to reduce their chemical pest control by more than 70 percent. This is an educational experience for your child that could come in handy if your child is expected to hand in some educational papers for school concerning their trip. The ladybug release is free and open to anyone who wishes to participate. For the spring 2005 garden exhibits at Epcot there has been a ladybug release program at World Showcase, I think it is somewhere between Germany and France.

At Pop Century, observe the Play Doh characters, there are fingerprints in the elephant's ears. At Pop Century, also Downtown Disney and a few places, if you buy the box you fill up with Mr. Potato Head accessories you choose yourself, stuff pieces inside Mr. Potato Head before putting him in the box.

Observed at Pop Century, suggested time to see: 5 and 8 PM. If your kids like to show off, they can win a prize if they sing the best song, do the best Limbo dance, etc. in front of other kids and their parents.

At Fort Wilderness, as you get off the boat and head up towards Pioneer Hall, look to the right just at the end of the golf cart parking. There is a tall tree there with parts of a lawn mower that have become part of the tree. There is a plaque there about it. Movies are shown at the campfire together with a sing-along with Chip and Dale on most nights.

At Wilderness Lodge listen for the sound of a chainsaw buzzing in the woods if you sit on your back porch long enough.

Also the sound of an owl "hooting" when you are walking from the lodge to the villas.

At Wilderness Lodge there is a "Flag ceremony" of sorts that their guests can participate in - you have to request it at check in, and may or may not be chosen.

The Iron Spike Room, found off the main entrance to the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge, was re-dedicated and renamed The Carolwood Pacific Room in a ceremony last week led by author Michael Broggie, son of the late Imagineer Roger Broggie. The room is home to an array of old model railroad memorabilia once belonging to Walt Disney.

Exit from the right rear of the main lobby and wind your way down a covered walkway to visit the lobby of the Villas section of Wilderness Lodge.

It feels like a rather large log cabin and everywhere you turn, there's something interesting to been seen...like animal carvings on the end of the logs in the lobby structure.

Leaving the Wilderness Lodge via boat, look back at the Lodge, the architecture suggests a bear's face, awesome at night. On the top of the main lodge there are two windows that make the eyes. The huge light fixture makes his nose/mouth. Finally the wings of the hotel and the lights on the walkways make the arms and claws! (contributed by Anthony D.).

Riding the boat from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness (or vice versa?). About half way, on the Fort Wilderness side of River Country, there is a Cypress Tree away from the shore lined with dozens of pairs of shoes on it. [We] asked one of the boat captains about it and he said, whenever anyone from "Watercraft" retires, all the staff go out there and the retiree puts a pair of shoes on the tree. It is just part of their small retirement ceremony for each other.

Find animal tracks and hear nature sounds outside Wilderness Lodge. Also find Disney's version of the Old Faithful geyser; it erupts on the half hour.

Children's Play Areas

One reader pointed out the children's play areas in some of the theme parks.

Magic Kingdom -- At Mickey's Toontown Fair, a playground and also Donald Duck's boat.

Disney-Hollywood Studios -- Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Animal Kingdom -- The boneyard at Dino Land.

Character Meeting Areas

Magic Kingdom: The area next to City Hall is a great place to find characters.

Epcot: The Character Connection in the Innoventions Pavillion on the right that you go through on the way to The Land.


If you have the first tee time on any morning at any of the full size golf courses, you are allowed to select the pin placement on the finishing hole. You can make it as tough or easy as you want. Next to the green is a sign saying "so and so" from "insert city" chose the pin placement today.

At Fantasia Golf, the miniature golf place near the Swan and Dolphin,  there is a hole there that looks like the scene in Fantasia where the buckets throw water over the floor. The first person to walk across this will set the water squirting and will most likely scare people. 

Walt built an airport runway at WDW. While it might have been intended to bring guests in and out, it was used only by Walt and other company employees. As you ride the monorail to or from Epcot and as it parallels World Drive northbound or southbound, look east and you may see the runway through the trees.

Outside Walt Disney World

Coming up from Tampa on I-4, on the left side a mile or so before the World Drive interchange that takes you right into WDW, you'll see a high tension electric pole with a frame in the shape of a Mickey head outline. (The wires are mounted outside the circles, not passing through.)

Official Scavenger Hunts

Main St. Emporium (Magic Kingdom) sells, or at least used to sell, a scavenger hunt book, cost was about $4.00.

Kidcot at Epcot: The Kidcot stations are little stops in each country. At the first one you stop at, you get to pick a mask. It is a piece of white poster board glued to a stick. At each country, they have something different for you to add to the mask. One country you get little beads. One country you get a bell. In one country you get a pyramid. In one you get a mask  add-on (to cover the eyes on the mask, [I] believe). They also stamp your mask stick with the name of their country and an outline of Mickey dressed up to match that country. At some countries including China they will write your name in that language. Can be memorable. Also you can get a "passport" and have it "stamped" at each country. Note: In Canada, the Kidcot station is down by the exit for the movie "O Canada", and behind the flower garden.

Animal Kingdom:  Has a children's program similar to Kidcot, starting at Camp Minnie Mickey.

Animal Kingdom: On the walk from the train to Conservation Station there is a garden on the right hand side. Kids are given cards and have to find the bugs in the garden. Needless to say the bugs are not real.


WDW Explorer CD lists most (all?) of these items and perhaps hundreds more. It's out of print and may be found from time to time on eBay.

(1) Hidden Mickey -- The face or profile of Mickey Mouse made out of architectural features or plantings or visual effects, intentionally created but not meant to be an overt portrait or likeness of Mickey. Example: on a wall with circular designs, three circles that still blend with the surroundings are juxtaposed to suggest Mickey's face and ears. Some are so subtle that long debates have taken place as to whether their creators intended to put Mickey's face there. Many books and lists have been published on the subject, one list can be obtained at Epcot's Guest Relations to the left of Spaceship Earth as you enter the park.

(2) Why are manhole covers usually round? So they can't fall into the manhole. I heard this one on a radio quiz show some 35 years ago. One caller remarked that a certain triangular-ish shape with rounded sides would also work. "Such was the shape of the rotor in a Wankel gasoline engine" he said. Not sure whether Epcot ever had a display of this engine.

(3) CM -- Cast member, or any of Walt Disney World's visible staff. (They don't use the phrase "cast and crew"). TM -- Trademark. SP? -- Not sure of spelling or even correctness.

(4) Imagineer -- Disney staff member who comes up with ideas for attractions.

Almost all of the material on this page was compiled from reader contributions to threads (series' of postings) in  internet bulletin board forum http://www.disboards.com

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