Preferential Elimination Balloting

Would the Republican National Committee want to try this and support the winner?

Would Donald Trump go along with this and support the winner?

Does Ted Cruz think he would win using this method?

1. In the first balloting, all of the delegates vote for their pledged candidate or however the first ballot rules provided for.

2. We eliminate the candidate with the least votes. Just the delegates who last voted for him/her must choose one of the remaining candidates. Or a delegate could choose "None Of The Above."

3. We eliminate the next lowest vote getting candidate and so on. Sooner or later a majority vote will occur.

4. If "None Of The Above" should get the majority vote then we start with a new slate containing at least one candidate who was not there before. Any or all of the original candidates may enter. All delegates are now unpledged.

This writer first saw this method used for student council elections at his high school. There was one balloting session and voters indicated first choice, second choice, etc. When the votes were counted, if no one got a majority at first, then the slips for the lowest vote getting candidate were redistributed among the remaining candidated and so on. If a slip ran out of preferences, it was put in the "none of the above" pile.

Last updated April 5, 2016

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